Chamber Choir "Renaissance"

Chamber Choir "Renaissance" "Renaissance" youth chamber choir came into the existence during the turning point era in the cultural life of Russia, when people started to revive the centuries-old musical traditions.

In the autumn of 1989 Natalia Borissova returned to Yaroslavl, after she had graduated from St.Petersburg Trade Union Culture High School.
And she had a strong wish to organize a chamber choir, which would make the masterpieces of sacred music sound again.
That's why the chamber choir that she had founded was named "Renaissance".

"Renaissance" chamber choir was basically formed from students of different colleges and universities. The time passed and the quantity of members increased, so did their professional qualities. The choir has wide and diverse repertoire including Russian sacred music, Russian and foreign classics, romances, Russian folk songs, music by modern composers.
The choir has given numerous concerts in Russia (in such cities as Moscow, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Vladimir) as well as abroad (in the USA, Germany, Finland, Greece, France).
"Renaissance" choir takes part in all the musical events like festivals and feasts in their native city Yaroslavl.
The leader of the choir is Natalia Borissova.

leader conductor of chamber choir "Renaissance" — Natalia Borissova

NATALIA BORISSOVA — founder and leader of "Renaissance" chamber choir.
Education: Yaroslavl Musical College, the faculty of choir conducting; St.Petersburg Trade Union Culture High School.
1995 and 2003 — Laureate of Regional Stompelev Prize for the concert activities of "Renaissance" chamber choir.
2000 — the honorary title "Honoured Art Worker" (decree, signed by president V.V.Putin).
2003 — honorary diploma for "Development of Art and Culture".
Organized a festival "Yaroslavl choirs' meeting".