"When to my soul the terrestrial blows sanctity..."
So the compact disc of collective chorus "Renaissance" which fragments of audio records are placed in this section is called.

  1. "Bless the Lord, My Soul" — A.Alexandrov
  2. "The Last Supper" — A.Lvov
  3. "Open the Door of Repentance for Me" — P.Chesnokov
  4. "O Gladsome Radiance" — V.Chelnokov
  5. "Jabbering White Side Bird" — V.Shebalin, words by A.Pushkin (soloist S.Sorokina)
  6. "A Winter Night" — V.Chelnokov, words by N.Rubtsov (soloist S.Krukov)
  7. "Playing Softly on a Pipe of Love" — S.Banevich, words by T.Kalinina (soloist I.Bibik)
  8. "Don Juan" — V.Chelnokov, words by M.Tsvetaeva
  9. "Melody" — A.Dvorzhak (soloist O.Stolarova)
10. "On a Hill" — Russian Folk Song (arranged by O.Kolovsky)